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Want help deciding whether our services are right for you? Contact us and we’ll connect you with a satisfied client who can answer questions about our work.

"Next Level International was our principal consultant in planning a bold expansion into the $2.5B New England small business market. Their market research, competitive assessments, and launch planning were invaluable to our program. As we continue to acquire other businesses Next Level’s work has continued to be influential in shaping our offerings and direction."
–Paul Weichselbaum, Vice President Marketing, One Communications

"For our EMEA division, we worked with Fran Grigsby to develop successful web services strategies for our international clients. She and her colleagues helped us expand the business by integrating it with existing services and alliances. Their market research and competitive analysis provided ideas for a world class package of services."
–Larry Thompson, Director, Site and Facilities Services, IBM (former Director, EMEA Services, IBM)

"Fran spearheaded Ipanema's entry into the US. We worked well together to integrate the company's business and technology direction. Her start-up and executive experience enabled her to open doors to potential customers, work well with headquarters in France, and make the best use of our available resources - all in all, to get the company started effectively."
–Peter Schmidt, President, Lifting Mind (US Technical Director, Ipanema Technologies)

"Launching an international company in the US demands the right ideas, operations, marketing, and contacts. Fran helped provide these so we got a solid start in the US. We are experiencing a successful US market entry, with active leads at target service providers and enterprises."
–Jean-Yves Leclerc, CEO, Impanema Technologies

"As a member of the Board of LTC, I appreciated Fran's creative and practical approach to reach our goals. She was a catalyst for our plan - she pulled out our ideas and information, contributed her own knowledge and never let the team wander. And, she was a pleasure to work with."
–Christine Dunlap, Member of the Board, Lowell Telecommunications Corporation; and Executive Director of Broadcast Media, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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