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Growing companies need to rapidly identify, analyze and capitalize on market opportunities. Next Level International brings remarkable new market entry skills to strategic planning, market research and program implementation.

Next Level’s Challenge-Based Consulting is a unique service. Projects are organized around each client’s business challenges and are divided into several phases with measurable deliverables and pre-defined decision points. Our services are based on methodologies that have been proven to conquer business challenges and bring our clients to their next level of growth.

Our services include:

Vertical Market Entry—Next Level helps clients expand the reach of their existing products and services into vertical markets, such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, government, and retail.
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International Expansion— With Next Level’s international services, companies acquire strategies, market knowledge and launch plans essential for success in the U.S. or other geographies. Our planning and execution services help companies overcome the challenges of new competitors, limited access to resources and cultural differences.
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Horizontal Market Entry— Many companies sell to traditional corporate departments, such as purchasing, manufacturing or information technology. Next Level provides the marketing analysis, and support to expand sales opportunities across different corporate departments and management levels.
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Repackaging and Repositioning—Products and services can be rapidly repackaged or repositioned to address new markets. Next Level analyzes potential opportunities, evaluates business options and provides tactics to drive revenue growth.
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Channel Optimization— Finding a different set of customers—and the channels to reach them—is a key market expansion step for many companies. Next Level analyzes and recommends sales and distribution options for consumer, business, and OEM sales.

For information about our proven best practices, read more about our methodology. If you would like us to help you expand into new markets, then we hope you will contact us.
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